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ECHN Graduate Medical Education’s Scholarly Research Day Poster Event


Scholarly Research Day is held by ECHN’s Academic Affairs Department each year in early Spring. Through a display of posters, ECHN’s resident physicians and medical students showcase the results of research projects they have worked on throughout the academic year. There were 24 poster submissions for this year’s event, which are on display throughout the month of April. Residents and students worked independently or in small groups, together with a faculty advisor, on one or more posters. A panel of judges evaluated the posters prior to the awards event and a certificate, ribbon and $300 cash prize were awarded to the posters with the highest average score in each of the 3 categories below:

  1. Case Study – Present an interesting and unique patient case.
  2. Quality Improvement – Identify a process in need of improvement and/or streamlining. Work out improvement method and show results.
  3. Original Research – Contribute to generalizable knowledge through collection of data from patient intervention, chart review or surveys. Prepare and submit IRB application, if required.

A special thanks to the event’s sponsor, Eastern Connecticut Medical Associates (ECMA), the members of the ECHN medical staff who mentor and advise the next generation entering the medical profession and our program coordinators. Please see below for the winners of this years Scholarly Research Day. Congratulations to all who won and all who participated! This celebration of ECHN’s residents and medical students is of tremendous value to our community of patients and instills an additional growth and learning experience offered at ECHN.

2021 Research Poster Winners

Case Study:                        

Cardiac Transthyretin Amyloidosis

Erin Osborn DO, PGY2; Maria Raajpoot, DO, PGY2; Dale Folkedahl, OMSIII; Ravi Mangal MD, Faculty Advisor

Quality Improvement:  

Improving Pneumovax-23 Vaccination Rates in Type 2 Diabetics 

Natalia Kit DO, PGY3; Edward Detweiler DO, PGY3; Hope Turner, OMSIII; Remi Mathews MD, Faculty Advisor

Original Research:

Efficacy & Outcomes of Brolucizumab: An 8-month post-marketing surveillance analysis

Nicholas Saba MD, Transitional Year; Scott D. Walter MD, Faculty Advisor (Retina Consultants, PC)

Special thanks to this year’s judges and faculty advisors from the ECHN Medical Staff!

2021 Poster Judges:

Dr. Thomas Buck

Dr. James Castellone

Dr. Leonard Eisenfeld

Dr. Cesar Fuentes

Dr. Pamela Lewis

Dr. Joseph McLaughlin

Dr. Howard Selinger

Dr. Joseph Strebel

Dr. Michael Waddington


2021 Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Lawrence Arky

Dr. Constantinos Constantinou

Dr. Leonard Eisenfeld

Dr. Cesar Fuentes

Dr. Robert Gordon

Dr. Tricia Hall

Dr. Joseph Podolski

Dr. Faria Mahmood

Dr. Ravi Mangal

Dr. Remi Mathews

Dr. Michael Waddington

Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN) Academic Affairs Department:

The ECHN Academic Affairs Department incorporates both medical students and resident physicians. As a sponsoring institution, accredited by the ACGME, ECHN has residents in the following specialties: Family Medicine, Transitional Year and Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine. ECHN partners with the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine as a Core clinical campus for its medical students. Each year eighteen third-year medical students perform their clinical rotations at our member hospitals, ambulatory centers, and medical staff offices.

Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN):

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