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Occupational Health

Occupational Health Services

CorpCare is ECHN’s primary provider of occupational health services, giving businesses a cost-effective way to provide employees with high quality healthcare resources.

The most important resource for any company is to have happy and healthy employees, therefore, occupational health services are a valuable resource for employers seeking to build and maintain a healthy workplace.

Through CorpCare Occupational Health, we deilver high-quality medical care and treat work-related injuries illness and provide physical therapy services.

In addition to treating employee-related injuries and illnesses, CorpCare provides a full line of medical surveillance programs, employment physical examination programs, DOT exams and testing services, including drug and alcohol testing.

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Occupational Health Resources

The CorpCare Occupational Health Medical Office is available to treat employees for a number of conditions. 

For All Workers 
Employees who are injured on-the-job need to notify their supervisor and seek medical attention. 

Before your visit to CorpCare, please download and fill out these forms in which you may need for your appointment:

CorpCare Evaluation for Respirator Use [PDF]
CorpCare Evaluation for Respirator Use (Spanish) [PDF]
CorpCare Physical Exam Form [PDF]

For Healthcare Workers
If you are a healthcare worker, please download and fill out these forms before your visit to CorpCare:

Healthcare Worker Hepatitis B Form [PDF]
Healthcare Worker Supplementary History Form [PDF]
HIPAA Consent and Acknowledgement Form [PDF]