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ECHN’s Quarterly DAISY Award Recipient: Diana Flebeau

Meet Diana Flebeau, our Quarterly DAISY Award Recipient!

Diana is a Registered Nurse at Manchester Memorial Hospital’s 1East Nursing Unit. Diana was nominated for the Daisy Award by the daughter of a patient who was admitted to the hospital with COVID and dementia, and had wonderful things to say about their experience and our staff:

"All the staff seemed wonderful but I had the most constant contact with Diana and I felt she went beyond the call of duty not only to care for my mom but to keep great communication with me and my dad. She never once rushed me off the phone as we discussed my concerns, her concerns, and my dad’s. Mom tends to be a very reserved person and Diana connected with her immediately, taking the time to actually connect with my mom, meet her in her head space, and to comfort her in her anxiety.  So much so that we believe mom mistook Diana for me at one point. That’s huge for my mom who has not been happy having caretakers at home. 

I witnessed Diana's quick and smooth accommodating of my mom who refused to allow aides to get her dressed to go home. So very gentle, kind and thoughtful! Diana is so lovely you feel like she’s been your friend forever. Her energy puts you at ease. Lovely, lovely woman. So glad to have had the opportunity to meet her. So thankful my mom ended up in her care.   

Also, Diana went out of her way to call me several times in an effort to get mom discharged at a time that was convenient for me, as I had a scheduled appointment to get to following getting my mom home. Yes, just an all around very special woman and nurse.”  


Congratulations Diana!