On October 1, 2016 California-based Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc. completed its acquisition of Eastern Connecticut Health Network, helping ensure the longstanding community healthcare system’s future. Established in 1996, Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc. has grown into a significant provider of coordinated regional healthcare services in Southern California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South Central Texas.

Today, ECHN is a nationally recognized network of hospitals, outpatient healthcare service centers and hundreds of medical providers and specialists in dozens of locations serving eastern Connecticut residents.

The transfer of ownership follows the receipt of all regulatory approvals. Prospect Medical Holdings is committed to strengthening the existing programs that the ECHN communities have come to rely on over so many years, and to introducing new services and a new delivery model designed to help meet residents’ future healthcare needs. The company looks forward to the opportunity to help ensure the future of ECHN as a vital community healthcare provider.

As a condition of the sale, the state of Connecticut’s Department of Public Health requested that the following documents be posted on our website for public knowledge:
Inpatient hospital bed allocations [PDF]
Outpatient services and hours [PDF]

Go here to view and download:
ECHN’s most recent audited financial statement [PDF]

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