Welcome to the Fall Edition

Welcome to the Fall Edition of Better Being, a collection of helpful tips and healthful ideas for your whole family. Here you’ll discover a variety of health education programs – everything from childbirth classes and parent education to health education lectures to health screenings, there is something healthy for everyone within.

Specialty Spotlight:

Orthopedics: A deeper look at hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries.

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Communicable Diseases

Tips to prevent spreading of germs, bacteria, viruses this Fall and Winter.

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Breast Health Awareness

Did you know? Every 1-8 women are susceptible to develop breast cancer.

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Medical Staff Spotlight

A warm welcome to the newest members of ECHN’s Medical Group!

Michael DiBenedetto, MD,
Hand to Shoulder Surgeon
2800 Tamarack Avenue, Suite 100
South Windsor

Mamta Singh, MD
Primary Care
28 Main Street
East Hartford

Neuromuscular Medicine Fellows
Jackson Chen, DO
Kendra Neff, DO

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