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Q&A: Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

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Plastic surgery is a broad field that includes not only cosmetic surgery, but also surgical repair of deformities one was born with such as webbed fingers, post-surgical reconstruction such as breast reconstruction after a mastectomy due to cancer, and correction of post-traumatic defects.

Hand surgery is a field dedicated to treating conditions and problems in the hand either with surgical or non-surgical treatment. Hand surgeons help relieve symptoms related to nerve compression, injury, pain or deformity.

We connected with ECHN's Plastic & Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon, Dr. Andrea Little, to learn more about her expertise.


Q: What is your position at ECHN?
A: I am a Plastic and Hand Surgeon

Q: Where is your practice located?
A: 2800 Tamarack Avenue, Suite 104 in South Windsor, CT

Q: What is your educational background?
A: I received my Undergraduate Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Florida. From there, I attended the University of South Florida to receive my Master of Business Administration and my Medical Degree. After Medical School, I completed my Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Residency at Michigan State University. Finally, I completed my Hand Surgery Fellowship through the University of Connecticut.

Q: Can you explain what an Plastic & Reconstructuve Surgeon does?
A: A Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon uses plastic and reconstructive surgical techniques to improve a person's appearance and restore facial and body tissue defects due to illness, trauma or birth disorders. Plastic surgery restores and improves function, as well as appearance.

Q: Can you explain the difference between a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery?
A: There is not really a difference between Plastic & Reconstructive surgery. Plastic Surgery is an umbrella term that includes both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Q: Can you explain what a Hand Surgeon does?
A: A Hand Surgeon restores form and function of the hands with surgical and nonsurgical methods.

Q: What are your interests in regards to your specialty?
A: I am interested in hand care and peripheral nerve care from my Hand Specialty and for my Plastics & Reconstructive Specialty I am interested in breast and body contouring, cancer and burn reconstruction as well as cosmetic surgery of the face and body.

Q: Why would someone need to come see you for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery?
A:  Individuals may seek plastic and reconstructive surgery for various reasons, including:

  • Correcting birth defects or congenital abnormalities.
  • Reconstructive surgery following trauma, such as burns, accidents, or injuries.
  • Restoring function and appearance after cancer surgery or other medical treatments.
  • Cosmetic enhancements to improve self-esteem or address perceived flaws.
  • Gender-affirming surgeries for transgender individuals.
  • Reconstructive procedures after weight loss or bariatric surgery.

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Q: Why would someone need to come see you for Hand Surgery?
A: Hand surgery addresses conditions affecting the hand, wrist, and forearm. Some reasons why someone might need to see a hand surgeon include:

  • Fractures or injuries to the hand, wrist, or fingers.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome or other nerve compression issues.
  • Tendon injuries or disorders such as trigger finger or tendinitis.
  • Arthritis or degenerative joint diseases affecting the hand or wrist.
  • Congenital deformities or abnormalities of the hand.
  • Tumors or growths affecting hand function.

Learn more about the specific procedures I can complete >

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
A: I enjoy spending time with friends & family, swimming, hiking, reading and gardening.

Q: What are you looking forward to at ECHN?
A: I am looking forward to collaborating with colleagues to provide quality healthcare services and building strong relationships with patients, staff and the community.

Q: Is there anything else you would like the community to know?
A: My goal is to make a positive impact on patients' lives through compassionate care. I am excited to bring a new specialty that offers a wide variety of services to ECHN. If you have additional questions that are not covered here, please reach out to our office- we are happy to help!