Recovered from COVID-19? Plasma donations can save lives.

The American Red Cross is currently looking for people who have fully recovered from COVID-19 to give convalescent plasma to help treat seriously ill coronavirus patients. You may qualify to help if you meet specific convalescent plasma and regular blood donation eligibility requirements:

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Are at least 17 years old and weigh 110 pounds. Additional weight requirements apply for donors age 18 or younger.

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Are in good health. You generally feel well, even if you’re being treated for a chronic condition.

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Have a prior, verified diagnosis of COVID-19, but are now symptom free and fully recovered from the virus.

Plasma Donation Program FAQs

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What is the American Red Cross’s COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Program?
Historically, convalescent plasma has been used as a potentially lifesaving treatment when new diseases or infections develop quickly, and no treatments or vaccines were available yet. The American Red Cross has been asked by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help identify COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma donors and manage the distribution of these products to hospitals treating COVID+ patients in need. This new program will allow for efficient distribution of convalescent plasma to wherever it’s needed most across the country.
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What is plasma?
Plasma is the liquid portion of your blood. It helps with clotting and supports immunity. It contains antibodies that fight off infections, so those who have recovered from this new coronavirus may have antibodies in their blood plasma to COVID-19.
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What is convalescent plasma donation?
Donors who have fully recovered from coronavirus may have antibodies in their blood plasma to COVID-19 to possibly help other people currently infected. The American Red Cross is working with the FDA to collect plasma from fully recovered coronavirus patients to provide to physicians a treatment option for patients currently sick with COVID-19.

Eligible donors who complete the Donor Request form will receive an appointment to donate convalescent plasma. If you fulfill the criteria for donation, the local American Red Cross Center accepting donations in this area is located at 209 Farmington Avenue in Farmington, 877-287-3327.

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How is plasma donation possible?
Apheresis is a safe and effective process that involves removing whole blood from a donor and separating the blood into individual components so that one particular component can be removed (In this case, plasma). The remaining blood components then are re-introduced back into the bloodstream of the donor.
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I am currently sick due to coronavirus. How do I get convalescent plasma?
If you currently have or suspect that you have COVID-19 and have questions about your health, please contact your healthcare professional. The American Red Cross does not provide plasma or other blood products directly to patients.
Call 860-646-1222 ext. 2338 to speak with an ECHN provider to ask any questions you may have about convalescent plasma.

If you meet all the criteria for donation and are willing to help, please complete the Donor Request form found at or call 877-287-3327.

Thank you for your willingness to help patients in need!

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