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Breathing easy does not come naturally for everyone, so if you experience difficulty or discomfort breathing, ECHN can help. ECHN’s comprehensive pulmonary care program at Manchester Memorial Hospital and Rockville General Hospital offer inpatient and outpatient services to diagnose and treat pulmonary conditions. Each hospital’s care team is comprised of board-certified pulmonologists and licensed respiratory rehabilitation experts dedicated to helping you breathe – and live – more comfortably.

Pulmonary Services

Whether patients require outpatient testing services or are suffering from a sudden or chronic pulmonary condition, our pulmonary specialists are available at Manchester Memorial Hospital and Rockville General Hospital to work with patients to diagnose and treat a patient’s pulmonary condition.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

ECHN’s pulmonary rehabilitation program aims to help individuals who have been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Restrictive Lung Disease and other pulmonary diseases, strengthen their respiratory system, increase physical activity levels and help individuals better manage respiratory episodes.