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With ECHN Telehealth, your appointments can happen almost anywhere. Meet with your doctor from your home or office, on vacation or even on the road. All you need is a computer, tablet or smart phone and reliable internet.

Below is our current list of Telehealth providers. To get started, call your preferred office, and they will walk you through the set up and scheduling process.

ECHN Medical Group Primary Care Offices

East Hartford – 860.568.8364
Charles Mandelberg, MD
Ruchi Sharma, APRN

Ellington – 860.375.9122
Michael Bey, MD
Kelli Harper, DO
Gopal Sarker, MD
Jennifer Jerome, APRN

Family Healthcare Center Manchester – 860.533.4673
Remi Mathews, MD
Laura Bujold, DO

Manchester – 860.533.4678
Tricia Hall, DO

Manchester – 860.649.6900
Isaac Ampofo, APRN

South Windsor – 860.533.4666
Sana Khan Pathan, MD
Anupma Saini, MD
Lina Garcia, APRN

Vernon – 860.533.4611
Richard Orris, DO
Eric Camyre, DO
Lisa Talati, DO
Allison Waggoner, DO
Wendy Sperry, APRN

Vernon – 860.872.8321
Kristin Giannini, MD
Nicole Grilli, PA
Kimberly Beaulieu, APRN
Mary D’Amico, APRN
Susan Izzo, APRN

Internal Medicine Vernon – 860.871.2636
Girish Sharma, MD

ECHN Medical Group Specialists

Cardiology Manchester – 860.649.7557
Danny Korkmaz, MD
Rinku Patel, APRN

Endocrinology Vernon – 860.896.4877
Yasmine Khan, MD
Diana Wagner, MD

Gastroenterology Tolland – 860.871.6710
Alexia Koudellou, MD
Candice Pych, APRN
Andrea Dufour, APRN

Gastroenterology Manchester – 860.649.3477
Khadijat Balogun, MD
Keri Pinnock, MD
Joshua Alderman, APRN
Lauren Baltrucki, APRN

Gastroenterology Vernon – 860.872.5426
Ali Hemacha, MD
Scott McIntyre, APRN
Stephanie Fontanella, APRN

Behavioral Health Open Access

Adult Services – 860.533.3434
Child and Adolescent Services – 860.647.6827

Please Note: You can access Telehealth from a safe, secure location within Connecticut. The Telehealth platforms are HIPPA compliant from a smart phone, tablet, or device with internet access.

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