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Are you due for a checkup? Have you been putting off your primary care appointment? Our physicians are currently accepting new patients and our medical offices are open and safe for all in-person appointments. If you prefer to stay home, you can meet with your doctor online – all you need  is a computer, tablet or smart phone and reliable internet.

Below is our current list of providers offering in-person and Telehealth appointments. Call your preferred office to make an appointment or to get set up with Telehealth.

ECHN Medical Group Primary Care Offices

East Hartford – 860.568.8364
Charles Mandelberg, MD
Ruchi Sharma, APRN

Ellington – 860.375.9122
Michael Bey, MD
Kelli Harper, DO
Gopal Sarker, MD
Jennifer Jerome, APRN

Family Healthcare Center Manchester – 860.533.4673
Remi Mathews, MD
Laura Bujold, DO

Manchester – 860.533.4678
Tricia Hall, DO

Manchester – 860.649.6900
Isaac Ampofo, APRN

South Windsor – 860.533.4666
Sana Khan Pathan, MD
Anupma Saini, MD
Lina Garcia, APRN

Vernon – 860.533.4611
Richard Orris, DO
Eric Camyre, DO
Lisa Talati, DO
Allison Waggoner, DO
Wendy Sperry, APRN

Vernon – 860.872.8321
Kristin Giannini, MD
Nicole Grilli, PA
Kimberly Beaulieu, APRN
Mary D’Amico, APRN
Susan Izzo, APRN

Internal Medicine Vernon – 860.871.2636
Girish Sharma, MD

ECHN Medical Group Specialists

Cardiology Manchester – 860.649.7557
Danny Korkmaz, MD
Rinku Patel, APRN

Endocrinology Vernon – 860.896.4877
Yasmine Khan, MD
Diana Wagner, MD

Gastroenterology Manchester – 860.649.3477
Khadijat Balogun, MD
Joshua Alderman, APRN
Lauren Baltrucki, APRN

Gastroenterology Tolland – 860.871.6710
Alexia Koudellou, MD
Candice Pych, APRN
Andrea Dufour, APRN

Behavioral Health Open Access

Adult Services – 860.533.3434
Child and Adolescent Services – 860.647.6827

Please Note: You can access Telehealth from a safe, secure location within Connecticut. The Telehealth platforms are HIPAA compliant from a smart phone, tablet, or device with internet access.

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