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Pain Management Program

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Manchester Memorial Hospital
71 Haynes Street
Manchester, CT 06040

Phone: 860.872.5150
Fax: 860.474.1700
Email: livewithlesspain@echn.org

Your provider can easily refer you to ECHN’s Pain Management Program by filling out an order form that can be faxed back to us.

Click here to access the referral form! 

Fax Number: 860.474.1700
Fax Number (Toll Free): 866.644.6577

Medical Treatment Options

Our pain management program offers a wide range of specialized pain treatments to meet our patients’ needs and our multidisciplinary team of expert physicians will work with you to diagnose, manage, and treat your pain. Our goal is to minimize your pain and restore your well-being.

Non-Opioid Pain Treatments

We do not prescribe or manage Opioid medications

Cancer Pain Management

  • Vertebral augmentation and radiofrequency ablation
  • Cryoablation for painful metastatic disease
  • Celiac and hypogastric nerve blocks

Integrative Medicine Treatments
Integrative Health Services are available for all at the Women's Center for Wellness and John A. DeQuattro Cancer Center. Our services include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage Therapy
  • Reiki

Behavioral Health Services
The toll that chronic pain can take is not only physical, but mental as well. Our team of expert Behavioral Health clinicians will ensure you have what you need emotionally, to successfully navigate through your journey to less pain.

Conditions We Treat

ECHN’s Pain Management Program can treat common to complicated pain issues such as:

  • Cancer Pain (including metastatic disease and spinal metastases)
  • Chronic Pain of the back and neck (including sciatica, spinal stenosis, arthritic conditions, muscle spasms, osteoporotic and pathologic fractures, and much more!)
  • Headaches
  • Joint Pain (including hip, knee, shoulder, etc.)
  • Nerve Injury Pain
  • Post-Operative Knee Pain (genicular nerve block and embolization’s)

Physical Therapy

If your insurance requires you to complete traditional physical therapy
prior to any advanced pain management procedures,
we are here to help!

Meet Our Pain Management Team

Our providers will work in collaboration to ensure patients begin or continue their pain management journey in the least invasive ways possible.

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