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Gestational Diabetes Program

Gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) can impact the health of both mother and baby if it is not properly managed. Gestational diabetes begins when the expectant mother’s body is not able to make, and use, all the insulin it needs for pregnancy. With this lack of insulin, glucose cannot be removed from the blood which causes the glucose to build up in the blood to high and unhealthy levels.

ECHN’s Gestational Diabetes Program works with pregnant women with diabetes to properly monitor and treat the disease throughout their pregnancy, and our healthcare professionals will work closely with you to create a personalized self-management plan. Pregnant women enrolled in our Gestational Diabetes Program will receive educational materials, a personalized self-management plan to follow throughout pregnancy and a glucose monitor.

In addition to the personalized care plan, special gestational diabetes classes provide important information in managing your condition. You learn what foods to eat during your pregnancy, how to test your blood sugar and how often to test, and what your blood sugar goals should be. You will also learn:

  • How gestational diabetes affects you and your baby
  • How to test your blood sugar
  • How to control your blood sugar levels
  • The how, what and when of healthy eating
  • The role exercise plays in reducing your risks
  • What to expect after pregnancy

This program requires a referral by an OB/GYN

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