ECHN maintains a record of participation in CME activities for a period of six years from the event date. We are happy to provide you with a CME report of your credits earned, upon request.

What is included in a CME report?

A list of ECHN CME programs and the number of credits earned per program. CME credits are granted only for the programs that you attended and for which you completed a program evaluation form.  You will receive one credit per hour-long presentation.

If you are the presenter of a CME program at ECHN, you will earn two credits, according to the AMA’s Physician’s Recognition Award and Credit System (see page 9). If you give the same presentation twice, you receive credit only once.

If you earn credits elsewhere and would like these programs and credits included in your CME report, please send a photocopy or electronic copy of your certificate, or a copy of any other signed, official acknowledgment of credits earned to the ECHN Department of Continuing Medical Education. This applies to traditional or online CME, including the Grand Rounds-Online CME Series made available through ECHN and the Connecticut State Medical Society (CSMS).

Always keep your original certificates, including CME reports that were sent to you electronically.

The AMA will also award credit directly (i.e., credit granted through AMA, not ECHN) for the below listed activities. Submission of a form and fees are required. See page 9 of AMA’s Physician’s Recognition Award and Credit System. If you would like these activities included in your CME report, please send copies of the certificates you receive from the AMA to the Department of Continuing Medical Education.

  • Publishing articles (10 credits per article)
  • Poster presentation (5 credits per poster)
  • Medically related advanced degrees (25 credits)
  • Board certification and recertification (25 credits)
  • ACGME-accredited residency or fellowship program  (20 credits)
  • Independent learning (varies)
  • International Conference Recognition program (varies)

When you have forwarded all copies of the CME certificates you would like included in your report, contact ECHN’s Medical Library/CME Coordinator: 860-646-1222 ext. 2225 and request a CME report. Be sure to indicate the time period (beginning and ending dates) you would like included in your report.

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