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Healthy Isn’t Just for Patients


The Hartford Business Journal recently held its third annual Healthiest Employers awards to recognize companies that are dedicated to employee health and safety as well as results-oriented wellness programs. ECHN, as part of Prospect Medical Holdings, is proud to have been recognized as one of Connecticut’s Healthiest Workplaces, highlighting its employee wellness programs and dedication to workplace health.

“At ECHN, our employees are our greatest asset,” says Deborah Weymouth, CEO. “Given our mission to improve the well-being of the communities we serve, it is a natural fit for ECHN to actively engage our employee base in wellness activities.”

ECHN’s Wellness Program has been in place since 2013, and since then, the results have been positive. Between 2017-2019, 71% of eligible ECHN employees participated in one or more wellness activities. Examples of these activities include individual and team challenges with online tracking tools, biometric screenings, and health assessments. During this same timeframe, we were able to demonstrate improvements in 4 out of 7 biometric screening categories to include:

• decreasing hypertension/high blood pressure,
• reducing high glucose levels,
• weight loss,
• and lowering high LDL cholesterol.

Through screenings, annual examinations and more, employees are active participants in managing their own health, and that results in not only healthy employees, but happy ones, as well.

“Through our efforts, our employees understand that the organization cares about both their physical and mental health,” added Weymouth. “We know that employees who participate in wellness activities generate enthusiasm about their outcomes and share that information with their friends, family and their patients. We have seen great engagement from both the employees and leadership, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with its success.”

To watch the full video from the Hartford Business Journal on all the winners, click here.