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ECHN’s Quarterly DAISY Award Recipient: Jodi Trottier

Meet Jodi Trottier, RN Jodi is a Registered Nurse working in 2 East, and was nominated by a very grateful patient. “Jodi was one of the best nurses I have ever had caring for me. She was so nice, caring and sensitive to every need I had, and she had no hesitation to help me.

Making Healthy Happen for Every Family

Making Healthy Happen means helping everyone in the community improve physical, mental and spiritual health. We do this by treating illness and injury AND by promoting prevention and overall well-being through education and wellness programs like these: Family Development Center Programs “meet parents where they are” from before birth to age six. Early Head Start

Promises Kept: Five Years of Investing in the Health of Our Community

October marks five years of investment in this community by Prospect Medical Holdings, through its ownership of Eastern Connecticut Health Network, including Manchester Memorial and Rockville General hospitals. While our tax status is “for-profit,” benefiting town, state and federal government, our purpose is “for community.” Our mission is, and always has been, to provide safe,

Expanding Access to Compassionate Behavioral Health Care to Meet Community Need

ECHN’s 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment reported that East Hartford, Vernon and Manchester had significantly higher hospitalization rates and emergency room visits for behavioral health and substance abuse issues, compared to the statewide average. To address this need in our community, ECHN has expanded access to behavioral health services across all age groups, focusing on

Improving the delivery of healthcare to our region

There is exciting momentum as Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN) takes major steps to improve the delivery of healthcare in our region. These purposeful changes improve our ability to care for you, your neighbors, loved ones and friends in a nimble and responsive way, to ensure high-quality care is accessible to all and to stay

ECHN’s Quarterly DAISY Award Recipient: Sonja Fisher

Meet Sonja Fisher, RN Sonja works in the Emergency Department at ECHN, and was nominated to receive the Daisy Award by her manager. “On Friday, December 4th, 2020 in the ED we held a young man in the Emergency Department for 67 hrs. The patient was a 17 year old male with diagnosis of schizophrenia.

ECHN Graduate Medical Education’s Scholarly Research Day Poster Event

ECHN Graduate Medical Education’s Scholarly Research Day Poster Event Scholarly Research Day is held by ECHN’s Academic Affairs Department each year in early Spring. Through a display of posters, ECHN’s resident physicians and medical students showcase the results of research projects they have worked on throughout the academic year. There were 24 poster submissions for

ECHN’s Quarterly DAISY Award Recipient: Bozena Michalski

Meet Bozena Michalski, our Quarterly DAISY Award Recipient! Bozena is a Registered Nurse, and she works in Manchester Memorial Hospital’s 3 North Nursing Unit. Bozena has worked at ECHN for almost 19 years and was nominated for a DAISY award by a former patient. The nomination spoke of Bozena’s compassion and kindness when caring for

Making Resolutions and Managing Mental Health in the New Year

After a year like 2020 we are all looking forward to a new year where we can start fresh and look ahead. There is the old tradition of making New Year’s resolutions, often giving us a little inspiration as we head into the cold winter months. The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that we

Interventional Radiology: New Partnership for Better Care

Recently, ECHN began a new partnership with Jefferson Radiology to provide new and expanded comprehensive diagnostic and interventional radiology services. As part of its services, Jefferson Radiology provides experienced sub-specialists such as neuro-radiologists, pediatric radiologists and oncology radiologists to read patients’ imaging tests, including X-rays, CT scans and MRI scans, and consult with the patients’

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