When a woman is looking for OBGYN services these are some of the things they look for in their doctor:  they’re experienced, they have a good bedside manner, you feel comfortable with them, they accept your insurance and they’re affiliated with a hospital you trust. The Maternity Care and Family Planning Center checks off all those items.

The Maternity Care and Family Planning Center has been a mainstay at Rockville General Hospital for more than thirty years. Women are busy and the Center recognizes this. Along with prenatal and postpartum care women who receive care at the Center have on-site access to ultrasound and laboratory services.  

In addition to prenatal and postpartum care, the Center’s staff provides gynecological services including:

  •   Physical examinations
  •   Sexually transmitted infection testing
  •   Pregnancy testing
  •   Disease prevention
  •   Health promotion
  •   Family Planning Services

We provide a seamless transition of care for prenatal patients that begins at the Center and ends with delivery at the Family Birthing Center at Manchester Memorial Hospital. The women receiving care through the Center will receive one-on-one care from a doctor or nurse. The obstetricians who care for women at the Center are the same doctors she will see at the Family Birthing Center. In addition to the obstetricians, the Center has added a female family practice provider, Dr. Nicole Jackson who can provide outpatient maternity, gynecological and family planning services. 

The Center takes an individualized approach to your care. We have access to other services that a woman may need including diabetes education, nutritional, behavioral health and family support services.

The Maternity Care and Family Planning Center is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and is located at 31 Union Street, Vernon; second floor of Rockville General Hospital. The Center accepts Medicaid and private insurance. For women who do not have insurance, the Center is able to connect women with the appropriate person to determine eligibility for Medicaid coverage. For women who do not qualify for Medicaid coverage, the Center will aid in securing a payment plan so that prenatal care is not interrupted. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 860.872.5170.

Nicole Jackson

Dr. Nicole Jackson
Family Medicine