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Choosing Wisely

Written by H. Andrew Selinger M.D. In healthcare, one can argue that the most important relationship is between a clinician and a patient. This relationship between a clinician and a patient should be rooted in trust and should benefit the patient. It is important that the clinician and patient continually communicate with one another to

How Ergonomic Accessories Boost Overall Health

By Rhia Joanne The pandemic has pushed people to start working from home in order to slow the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, not everyone has proper workstations at home, and using the wrong equipment can affect your health negatively. According to Open Sourced Workplace, ergonomic equipment increases your productivity by letting you work comfortably.

Stress Management Options to Prevent Diabetes

Lifestyle coach Jillian uses exercise and getting outside as outlets for stress.   Today, our world is all about multitasking. Between work, family obligations, hobbies, and everyday responsibilities, it’s easy to feel maxed out and stressed. This may seem a normal part of life, but did you know that stress could be impacting your risk

The Importance of a Good Night’s Rest

Sleep is important for restoring physical and mental health. It refreshes the mind and repairs the body. Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can cause fatigue, poor concentration and memory, mood disturbance’s, impaired judgement and reaction time, and poor physical coordination. The benefits of good sleep can affect our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. The

Diabetes & Non-Healing Wounds: Educate Yourself for Better Health

Never underestimate a wound, even a minor one, says John V. Capotorto, MD, MBA, a Harvard-trained endocrinologist, past-president of the American Association of Wound Care Management and co-founder of RestorixHealth, ECHN’s Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine partner. A simple callus on your foot can be the tip of the iceberg that leads to

The Importance of Protecting Your Immune System

The Flu. Colds. Coronavirus. Autoimmune Diseases. What do all these things have in common? Our immune system! The immune system in the body fights against disease-causing microorganisms, or to put it simply, it protects you against germs, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxins that make us more susceptible to colds, the flu and even

National Suicide Prevention Week

In 2013 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a new epidemic in the United States. Surprisingly, it was not a virus that was killing tens of thousands of Americans—it was suicide. In 2019, suicide was the tenth leading cause of death in the United States, with suicide rates for young people increasing by

Healthy Sleep Habits

Getting a good length and quality of sleep supports better emotion regulation and general health. Sleep is an essential part of managing stress but is often the first thing impacted when experiencing stressful events. During times of high stress it is natural to notice major sleep disruptions ranging from difficulty falling asleep to sleeping more

Nutrition and Mental Health Tips

We are all living with a tremendous amount of uncertainty. Will kids return to school in September? When and how will we re-open? How do we protect our loved ones and ourselves? How will our jobs change? Opinions flourish, ranging from ‘open everything up now’, to ‘keep everything closed for an indeterminate amount of time’.

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