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Category: Behavioral Health

Social Support While At Home

With all of us staying home more and severely reducing our social interactions you may have found that this crisis has presented unique social challenges.  Some of us are dealing with the stress of being separated from others, while others are learning how to cope with managing more time with partners or family; and many

Self Care

Whether you are currently working from home or still commuting into the office, every aspect of our lives has been impacted dramatically by the COVID-19 pandemic. For many of us our daily rhythms and routines have been changed significantly, which can feel disorienting and uncomfortable. In times of crisis there can be a strong urge

Grounding Skills

As we continue living week by week with the evolving changes as a result of COVID-19, if you find yourself experiencing periods of heightened fear and anxiety, you are not alone. These feelings can be particularly difficult to manage when the future remains uncertain. Grounding techniques are a helpful set of strategies that can assist

Breathing Techniques

Deep paced breathing can be a foundational tool in helping us learn to decrease and manage the signs and symptoms of stress. Research shows that deep breathing lowers your heart rate, regulates blood pressure and relaxes your body – all of which decrease the harmful effects of cortisol on the body. More specifically, even, regulated
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