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Dr. Matthew Dukehart and ECHN's Breast Care Collaborative

Dr. Matthew Dukehart discusses his partnership with ECHN's Breast Care Collaborative and his passion for breast surgery.

Dr. M. Maher Suede and ECHN's Breast Care Collaborative

General surgeon M. Maher Suede, MD, discusses breast cancer, breast disease and the services of the Breast Care Collaborative.

Denise Dowd Program Director ECHN Center for Wound Healing

Learn about ECHN's Center for Wound Healing.

Healthgrades TV Commercial (2010)

Learn about ECHN's 2010 Healthgrades awards.

Dr. Robert Parnes.flv

Dr. Robert Parnes introduces himself and his pediatrics practice.

David Skoczulek, Ambulance Service of Manchester

Learn about the Ambulance Service of Manchester and the services provided to the community.

Lee Tremback, LCSW Survivorship Navigator Eastern Connecticut Cancer Institute

Learn about the Survivorship Program at the Eastern Connecticut Cancer Institute.

Evergreen Imaging Center TV Commercial (2010)

Learn about the services to help diagnose sports injuries available at Evergreen Imaging Center.

Emergency Department TV Commercial (2009)

Learn about ECHN's Emergency and Critical Care Departments.

Flordeliza Palazzolo, MD

Dr. Flordeliza Palazzolo introduces herself and her practice of pediatrics.

Robert's Story

Hear a testimonial from Robert, a patient of the ECHN Center for Wound Healing.

Fred Bailey, Director of ECHN Rehabiltation Services

Learn about ECHN's Rehabilitation Services.

WCW 360 Tour rev

360 degree tour of the Women's Center for Wellness.

Tolland Imaging Center TV Commercial (2010)

Learn about the Open MRI at Tolland Imaging Center.

Ristin's Story TV Ads

Ristin's Story TV Ads.

Laureen Rubino, MD Physician Profile

Dr. Laureen Rubino introduces herself and her practice of general surgery.

Dr. David Walters

Dr. David Walters introduces himself and his practice of colon and rectal surgery.

Celebrate American Heart Month in February!

Laura Johnson, RN, discusses ECHN's Cardiac Rehab program and American Heart Month.

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