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3-x-3-print-1109-(4)1.jpgECHN’s Strength & Conditioning program focuses on helping you achieve optimal sports performance, through the implementation of safe, age-specific, evidence-based training principles. Our licensed and certified health care professionals will provide you with a structured, progressive, and periodized sport– specific training program in a safe, clean and professional environment to help prevent sports-related injuries and enhance athletic performance.

Prior to participation, you will undergo a movement analysis and baseline testing. The results of these tests will assist in the development of a training program suited for your specific needs.

We understand that above all safety is most important. All training sessions are supervised by a Strength & Conditioning professional and will be appropriately designed for your age and skill level. We will thoroughly instruct you on how to effectively and safely participate in our Strength & Conditioning program by teaching you proper exercise form and technique.

Programs Components:

Injury Prevention

  • Inadequate physical preparation is believed to play a role in most sports-related injuries in young athletes.
  • A major emphasis of the sports performance training program is to address the need for reducing the risk of injury in sports. This is done by determining what injuries an athlete is most at risk for based on the demands of their sport and implementing exercises and techniques to strengthen the areas of the body prone to these injuries.

Resistance Training
  • Specialized method of conditioning that involves the progressive use of a wide range of resistive loads and a variety of training modalities designed to enhance or maintain health, fitness, and sports performance.

Agility Plyometric Training

  • Speed and agility development training is used to improve running speed, increase reaction time and ability to quickly change directions, and increase ability to exert maximal force during high-speed movements.
  • Plyometric training conditions the body to increase speed of movement and improve power production through dynamic, resistance exercise.

Training Options:
  • 1-on-1
  • Small groups
  • Teams
  • Clinics
Participants will be placed into training groups based on age and skill level.

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Initial Consultation-Athlete
Initial Consultation-Fitness
Physical Exam-Athlete
Physical Exam-Fitness
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