Main Pub Donation Purchases Needed Equipment For ECHN's Rehabilitation Services

MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT – The Main Pub in Manchester, Connecticut, recently hosted a benefit event for Eastern Connecticut Health Network’s (ECHN) Rehabilitation Services. Fifteen percent of the day’s proceeds, totaling $500, were donated to ECHN for the purchase of new equipment for the rehabilitation department. 
The equipment that will be purchased includes a Functional Movement Screen, Bullet Belt and dumbbells. The Functional Movement Screen is a ranking and grading device that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. These patterns are screened and scored, helping to identify functional limitations and target problems, as well as tracking progress. The Functional Movement Screen score is a scoring system that links beneficial corrective exercises to restore proper movement and build strength for each individual. The Bullet Belt is worn on the waist to provide resistance for start and acceleration drills. 
Frederick E. Bailey, the director of Rehabilitation Services at ECHN, explained how the equipment would be used. “The equipment will be used in our strength and conditioning program. The main goal of the equipment is to help athletes prevent injury and improve our youth sports program.” He was very appreciative of the donation from The Main Pub and described the event as a “… a great win-win opportunity for ECHN and The Main Pub.” Bailey looks forward to seeing the new equipment in action and the benefits it will provide to young athletes. 
Functional Movement Screen

Bullet Belt