Tenet Healthcare Corporation withdraws from CT

ECHN was informed late yesterday that Tenet Healthcare Corporation has announced that it is withdrawing its applications to acquire ECHN as well as Waterbury, Saint Mary’s and Bristol Hospitals. Tenet stated that its decision not to proceed with these transactions is directly related to the extensive list of proposed conditions placed on the Waterbury transaction by the Office of Health Care Access within State of Connecticut’s Department of Public Health. 

Yale New Haven Health System, Tenet’s partner in these acquisitions, has expressed its disappointment with this decision and recognizes the impact it will have on the communities served by these hospital systems. 

ECHN’s President & CEO, Peter Karl states, “On behalf of ECHN's Board of Trustees, we will continue to assess alternative measures in achieving the short and long-term goals of the health system. Our goal remains the same, to preserve high-quality, community-based healthcare to the communities we serve.”