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MyECHN Patient Portal


Now patients who have had an inpatient stay at Manchester Memorial or Rockville General Hospital can access their medical records after they are discharged, using the MyECHN Patient Portal.

Through a secure website, patients can access information including:
  - Health care team members
  - Procedures performed while in the hospital
  - Lab results
  - Medications prescribed
  - Discharge instructions

Who is eligible for the MyECHN Patient Portal?
To participate you must be 18 years of age or older and have been admitted to Manchester Memorial or Rockville General Hospital after June 3, 2014. Excludes behavioral health visits.

How do you sign up?
Patients are given the opportunity to sign up for the MyECHN Patient Portal upon registration at the hospital. You can also request access by contacting ECHN's Medical Records Department anytime during or after your hospital stay. Please note: A valid email address is required.

To request access:
Contact ECHN's Medical Records Department:
Manchester Memorial Hospital: 860.646.1222 x6433
Rockville General Hospital: 860.872.0501 x5448

1. Once your request for access to the MyECHN Patient Portal has been processed, a Welcome email and Validation Code email will be sent from to the email address you provided. DO NOT LOSE OR DELETE THESE EMAILS.

2. The Welcome email will contain a link you must follow to activate your patient portal account and you will be asked to enter the Validation Code you also received.

3. Once you activate your account you will be asked to set up a unique username and password.

4. From here you will be able to view and download your medical record in the MyECHN Patient Portal.

Please contact ECHN's Medical Records Department at



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