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Your primary care physician is a key to staying healthy and happy during the winter season. Be proactive by starting the New Year off with your annual check-up.

As we all know, winter brings ailments like the common cold and flu viruses, which can turn into bronchitis and even pneumonia. None of us are immune. But, we can protect ourselves from these illnesses by washing our hands often, avoiding enclosed areas occupied by people already infected with a cold or the flu virus and, most importantly, getting our flu shot.

Read about even more ways to protect yourself from the flu and about recognizing the differences between the common cold and a flu virus.

If you do not have a Primary Care Physician currently, choose from the best at ECHN. Click here to find your perfect match and contact us today for an introduction.

Stay local, where the focus is on your health. Right here at ECHN, you’ll find top Primary Care Physicians like Karen Cadman, MD. Watch her video and learn more about Dr. Cadman and call us for an appointment.

Here’s to a healthy and happy New Year, from all of us at ECHN.
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