Parenting “Toolbox” Offers Families New Discipline Techniques

Jun 27, 2011 -  MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT – Over 100 participants recently attended a parenting presentation at Manchester Memorial Hospital, “No I Won’t, and You Can’t Make Me,” which was sponsored by Eastern Connecticut Health Network’s (ECHN) Family Development Center. The event featured Bill Corbett, an Enfield-based parenting professional. He is also the author of Love, Limits & Lessons and founder/president of Cooperative Kids, a national network of parent educators. During his two-hour presentation, he provided parenting advice for today’s busy families.

Corbett shared 10 irrefutable facts about children.
1. They live only in the moment.
2. They don’t care about cleanliness.
3. They get easily frustrated.
4. They learn by testing boundaries.
5. They need to feel powerful.
6. They strive to belong to the social unit.
7. They have no time management skills.
8. They are wired to explore and discover their world.
9. They don’t always like their sibling or playmate.
10. They are affected by adult emotional chaos (it can create irreparable misbehavior).

The audience learned to replace old discipline techniques with a “new toolbox,” tailored for today’s families.

Corbett was entertaining and humorous. His use of video clips, his practical suggestions, and his real-life examples were very effective.

ECHN’s Family Development Center operates a variety of programs for children and their families: Early Head Start; Nurturing Families Network; Family Resource Centers in Manchester and Vernon; Family Enrichment Services. For more information about the Family Development Center, please contact Ardith Crampton, Manager, at 860.646.1222, Ext. 2442.
Phil Corbett explains his “toolbox” of new discipline techniques to a packed auditorium at Manchester Memorial Hospital.

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