Interactive Whiteboard Technology Installed in the Clinical Day School

Jul 6, 2011 -  MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT – Thanks to a $12,436 grant from the Ronald McDonald House Charities and generous donation from Connecticut Business Systems (CBS), the Clinical Day School at Manchester Memorial Hospital now has interactive whiteboard technology.

The grant funds were used to purchase three of the six interactive whiteboards that were needed for each classroom in the Clinical Day School. But the whiteboards would have been only whiteboards without the appropriate interactive technology. The Connecticut Business Systems not only donated three Dell computers, they also threw in three more SMARTboards, the educational software, and free installation.

The Clinical Day School at Manchester Memorial Hospital is accredited by the State Department of Education as a private special education school that offers a special alternative school experience for students who need a highly structure, therapeutic environment in order to achieve academic success. The school is part of the Behavioral Health Services Department within the Child and Adolescent Services at the hospital. In addition to the traditional school year, the Clinical Day School offers a summer school program that affords eligible students the opportunity to have a work experience whiled attending summer school. Students must earn the privilege to have a job within the hospital and they receive credit as part of their summer curriculum. They receive job coaching and are paid a stipend for their work.

A number of specific learning challenges can be addressed through this interactive technology, such as children with visual perceptual and other nonverbal learning disabilities as well as those with executive function disorders through the ability to modify and organize the visual field to accommodate learning weaknesses.

“We would not have been able to make these upgrades without the generosity of Ronald McDonald House Charities and CBS,” said Stan Kontogiannis, Corporate & Foundation Relations Officer, ECHN Community Healthcare Foundation. “We will continue to pursue corporate and private foundations to assist us in fulfilling our technological requirements to enhance the learning abilities of the students and guarantee them success as they integrate into society.”

Connecticut Business Systems is also a member of Business Alliance for Community Health (BACH), an ECHN Community Healthcare Foundation membership program, to promote positive health-related education for our businesses and our community. Through BACH membership, ECHN is able to fund critical local health initiatives, and BACH members benefit from employee education on health, safety, and wellness issues presented by ECHN staff. Membership in BACH also provides a forum for companies to work with other local businesses for united action when common health, wellness, or safety needs are identified. Meetings with hospital administration offer BACH members a unique opportunity to connect through shared thoughts and to receive information on community health issues. For more about the Business Alliance for Community Health, please contact Stan Kontogiannis at 860.872.5056 or

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