ECHN Opens State-of-the-Art Critical Care Suites at MMH

May 1, 2009 - 

Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN) celebrated the completion it's year long project to build new, state-of-the-art Critical Care Suites at Manchester Memorial Hospital (MMH) with an official ribbon cutting on April 6.

The new suites are approximately 17,500 square feet and will allow for enhanced critical care, leading edge technology and better service to patients and families. There will be twelve, private critical care rooms and ten step-down unit beds, all of which can be transformed to critical care rooms if necessary. The adjacent step-down unit is designed to provide care for patients who need less monitoring than those in the critical care rooms, but still require more monitoring than those on medical or surgical units.

Enhanced isolation capability was a major focus of this project as well. Three isolation suites were constructed and all patient 22 rooms are private. These private accommodations will offer post-operative patients a clean environment promoting a decrease in the spread of hospital-acquired infections and better wound healing.

The unit also has updated technology and improved conditions for all staff that includes overhead articulating arms or booms that house a new patient monitoring system and other critical technology that is often needed to care for patients with critical health conditions. This new monitoring system will allow for improved access to patient information right at the bedside.

Additional design features include ergonomically correct workspaces in each room for staff, satellite nursing stations or pods outside of the critical care rooms so all patients can be seen at all times, and enhanced workspaces to access electronic medical records and radiographic images.

The official ribbon cutting: Deb Parker, SVP, ECHN Patient Care Services, David Wasserstein, MD, Medical Director of Critical Care and Special Care, Marlene Barnett, RN on the ICU/Special Care Unit at Manchester Memorial Hospital, Rosemarie Papa, Chairperson, ECHN Board of Trustees and Peter Karl, President & CEO

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