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Kenneth Abriola MD Infectious Diseases Glastonbury Yes
Anees Ahmed MD Psychiatry Manchester
Donna A. Aiudi MD Dermatology Glastonbury
Jorge Alba DO Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Manchester
Kenneth R. Alleyne MD Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine South Windsor Yes
Stephen L. Alloy MD Psychiatry Manchester
Salah S. Alsalahi MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Tamil R. Anban MD Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Vernon
Yusra Anis-Anwar MD Internal Medicine South Windsor
Saima J. Ansari MD Pulmonary Disease Vernon
Ryaz Ansari DDS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Manchester Yes
M. Saud Anwar MD Pulmonary Disease Vernon Yes
Muhammad Anwar MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Lawrence M. Arky MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Manchester Yes
Alejandra E. Arroyave MD Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Manchester
Ritu Atam MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Amanda S. Ayers MD Colon & Rectal Surgery Bloomfield Yes
Angelito C. Bacay MD Nephrology Vernon
Laurie A. Bain MD Dermatology Vernon
Saumitra R. Banerjee MD Colon & Rectal Surgery Bloomfield
Rohan K. Bannis MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Antonela Barbu MD Family Medicine Tolland
David M. Bass MD Plastic Surgery Hartford
Gerald M. Bayona MD Internal Medicine Tolland
Harold E. Beam MD Plastic Surgery Glastonbury Yes
Arthur C. Belmont MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Laura G. Benedetto DO Dermatology Glastonbury
Hannah M. Bernard DO Emergency Medicine Manchester
Michael P. Bey MD Family Medicine Vernon
Todd A. Bickmore MD Family Medicine Vernon
Scott A. Bissell MD Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgery Bloomfield Yes
Donna M. Boccelli DPM Podiatric Surgery Manchester
Paul A. Bocciarelli DMD Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Rocky Hill
Andreas J. Bojko MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Randy P. Bouligny MD Ophthalmology Manchester
Deepak Bramhavar MD Diagnostic Radiology Vernon
Gordon L. Brodie MD Family Medicine Manchester Yes
Peter B. Brown MD Family Medicine Ellington
Steven H. Brown MD Colon & Rectal Surgery Bloomfield Yes
Scott L. Brown MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Thomas P. Buck MD Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Manchester
Ronald L. Buckman MD Family Medicine Bolton
Nermina Bukalo MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Christopher M. Bulger MD Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Glastonbury
Frank J. Bush MD Pediatrics Manchester
Gary Bykoff MD Internal Medicine Vernon
Karen Cadman MD Family Medicine Manchester Yes
Nedson J. Campbell MD Psychiatry Manchester
Eric A. Camyre DO Family Medicine Vernon
Theresa M. Caputo MD Internal Medicine Hartford
Robert D. Carlson MD Family Medicine Stafford Springs
Richard D. Carlton MD Ophthalmology Manchester
Robert F. Carroll MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Angelee Diana Carta MD Internal Medicine Manchester Yes
James A. Castellone MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Matthew C. Cauchon DO Emergency Medicine Manchester
Eleas J. Chafouleas MD Nephrology Vernon
Kwok On Chan MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Imelda Angelica P. Cirilo MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Johvonne Claybourne DO Emergency Medicine South Windsor
Michele B. Conlon MD Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Manchester
Constantinos A. Constantinou MD Thoracic Surgery, General Surgery Vernon
Alexis M. Cordiano MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Megan T. Cummings MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Hazar Dahhan MD Cardiology Manchester Yes
Ronald H. D'Angelo MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Enoch O. Darko MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Philip D. DeGaetano DO Family Medicine Ellington Yes
Charles R. DeLaCuadra DO Family Medicine Manchester
Aristidis G. Delis MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Edward G. Denstman MD Diagnostic Radiology Manchester
Mark J. Der Mesropian DO Anesthesiology Manchester
Brian P. Deschamps DPM Podiatric Surgery Vernon
Anthony J. DiStefano MD Urology Manchester
Deborah A. Downes MD Ophthalmology Manchester
Vipul Dua MD Orthopaedic Surgery South Windsor Yes
Michael C. Dubik MD Sleep Medicine Manchester
Matthew Dukehart MD General Surgery Ellington Yes
Jehangir Durrani MD Ophthalmology Vernon
Terry M. Eccles MD Pediatrics Stafford Springs
David S. Edelheit MD Family Medicine Coventry Yes
Jesse G. Eisler MD, PhD Spine Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery Vernon Yes
Harry Elbaum MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Joosub Yusuf Essack MD Psychiatry Manchester
Jeffrey L. Ettinger MD Internal Medicine Manchester
Richard A. Fichman MD Ophthalmology Manchester
Timothy A. Fignar MD Family Medicine Enfield Yes
Ilona W. Figura MD Palliative Care South Glastonbury
Jesse Fisk MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Michael J. Franklin MD Otolaryngology Manchester
Matthew Friedman MD Family Medicine South Windsor
Cesar Fuentes MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Dushyant N. Gandhi MD Cardiology Vernon
John R. Garbarino MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Marjorie A. Garrett MD Internal Medicine Manchester
Navin K. Gazi MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Navin K. Gazi MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Julie S. Gershon MD Diagnostic Radiology South Windsor
Kristin A. Giannini MD Family Medicine Vernon
Robert K. Gildersleeve MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Mansfield Center
B.M. Pampana Gowd MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Sarah E. Graceffa MD Obstetrics/Gynecology South Windsor Yes
William A. Gray MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Danielle M. Grieco MD Obstetrics/Gynecology South Windsor Yes
Stephen N. Grimaldi DO Family Medicine Glastonbury
Joseph J. Guardino MD Internal Medicine Manchester
William P. Guinan MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Manchester
Lesley V. Gumbs MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Mansfield Center
Carla Rae Gunn MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Manchester
Barry W. Haight MD Ophthalmology Vernon
Karen Caga-Anan Halasan MD Pulmonary Disease Vernon
Minh Anh Han MD Family Medicine Manchester
Martin J. Hancock MD Obstetrics/Gynecology South Windsor Yes
Stephen H. Hauser MD Radiation Oncology Manchester
Veronica J. Helgans MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Mansfield Center
Ali Hemacha MD Gastroenterology Vernon
Judith A. Hofrichter MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Manchester
Stephen R. Holzman MD Psychiatry Glastonbury
Daniel L. Hseuh MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Judy Huang-Bulger MD Pediatrics Vernon
Marsel Huribal MD Vascular Surgery Manchester
David A. Inyangetor MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Carla M. Jacobson-Kiel MD Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Hartford
Hira C. Jain MD Psychiatry Manchester
Bogumila E. Jedras MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Rahul R. Jhaveri MD Cardiology Vernon
Sandeep K. Johar DO Emergency Medicine South Windsor
Paul W. Joyner MD Colon & Rectal Surgery Bloomfield
Peter H. Judson MD Ophthalmology Manchester
Barbara G. K. Kage MD Rheumatology Manchester
Reinhard K. R. Kage MD Allergy & Immunology Manchester
Harvey A. Kahaner MD Otolaryngology Manchester
Charanjeev S. Kapoor MD Oncology, Hematology Manchester
Vasilios D. Karabinis MD Vascular Surgery, General Surgery Enfield
Yasmin B. Kassam MD Rheumatology Vernon
Jeffrey H. Katz MD Internal Medicine Manchester
Martin M. Keibel MD Family Medicine Manchester
Yasmine Khan MD Endocrinology Vernon Yes
Parveen Khanna MD Cardiology Manchester
Thomas E. Kilkenny MD Diagnostic Radiology Manchester
Melissa M. Klaus MD Internal Medicine Glastonbury
Binayak P Koirala MD Internal Medicine Tolland
Danny A. Korkmaz MD Cardiology Manchester Yes
Alexia T. Koudellou MD Gastroenterology Tolland Yes
Gary W. Kravetz MD Diagnostic Radiology Manchester
Michael M. Krinsky MD Neurology Vernon
Lester S. Kritzer MD Endocrinology Manchester
Nishi Kumar MD Internal Medicine Vernon
Raymond C. Kurker MD Family Medicine South Windsor Yes
Ranjit L. Kuru MD Internal Medicine Manchester
Jerome E. Lahman MD Pediatrics Vernon
Arthur E. LaMontagne MD Urology Manchester
Albert H. Langou MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Timothy J. Lehmann MD Thoracic Surgery West Hartford
Kenneth A. Leopold MD Radiation Oncology Manchester
Pamela L. Lewis MD Gynecology South Windsor Yes
Robert Taylor Lewis MD Colon & Rectal Surgery Bloomfield
Alexandra Lukianoff MD Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Manchester
Danielle Mailloux-Scott MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Shrutie Malik MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Charles A. Mandelberg MD Family Medicine East Hartford
Lon P. Manfredi MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Manchester
Richard J. Manganiello MD Ophthalmology South Windsor
Raja S. Manne MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Yvette Martas MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Mansfield Center
Elizabeth A. Martin MD Pediatrics Vernon
Jeffrey D. Martone DPM Podiatric Surgery East Hartford
Jamshid A. Marvasti MD Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Manchester
Remi Mathews MD Family Medicine Manchester
James T. Mazzara MD Orthopaedic Surgery Manchester Yes
John C. McCabe MD, DDS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Manchester
John W. McCarrick MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Maryanne McDonnell MD Obstetrics/Gynecology South Windsor
Sean M. McLaughlin MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Giles W. McNeill DO Hospital Medicine Manchester
Swathanthra K. Melekote MD Pediatrics Manchester
Wanda I. Merced MD Pediatrics Manchester
Barry N. Messinger MD Orthopaedic Surgery Manchester
Ted S. Metzger MD Diagnostic Radiology Manchester
Noemi J. Mezei MD Psychiatry Manchester
Katerina M. Michaels-Bogdan MD Obstetrics/Gynecology South Windsor Yes
Claudio P. Milite MD Nephrology Vernon
Emma P. Montanez MD Internal Medicine East Hartford
Elizabeth E. Moyer MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Anil Nair MD Internal Medicine Manchester
Gayethri Narayanswamy MD Family Medicine Ellington
Venkateswara R. Narla MD Cardiology Manchester
Saqib Naseer MD Cardiology Manchester
Frances O. Natale DO Family Medicine South Windsor
Ellen Neuhaus MD Infectious Diseases Vernon
David Neuhaus MD Gynecology Manchester
Derek T. Nguyen MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Shirine Nassery Niemann MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Ramon A. Nieto MD Internal Medicine Manchester
James W. O'Brien MD Gastroenterology Manchester
Chinyere Okoronkwo MD Pediatrics Vernon
Aziza Omrani MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Manchester
Dennis G. O'Neill MD Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Manchester
Faustinus C. Onyirimba MD Pulmonary Disease Vernon Yes
Richard Orris DO Internal Medicine Vernon
Arthur A. Ostrowitz MD Diagnostic Radiology Manchester
Flordeliza Palazzolo MD Pediatrics Ellington Yes
Nicholas J. Palermo DO Family Medicine Manchester
Robert E. Parnes MD Pediatrics Vernon Yes
Roger R. Paro MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Devbala S. Patel MD Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Manchester
Mohammad Pazooki MD Oncology, Hematology Hartford
Robyn Pemberton MD Pediatrics Manchester
Paul C. Peracchio DMD Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Manchester
Daniel E. Petashnick MD Ophthalmology Manchester
Paul Pfeffer MD Psychiatry Manchester
Barbara L. Phillips MD Family Medicine Manchester
Joseph E. Podolski DO Psychiatry Manchester
Mariela Podolski MD Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychiatry Rockville Yes
Katarzyna Pomianowski MD Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine Manchester
Serge P. Poulin MD Family Medicine Manchester
Madhuri Pratinidhi MD Family Medicine Vernon
Timothy E. Quan MD Rheumatology Manchester
Osman Qureshi MD Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychiatry Manchester Yes
Marcy L. Qureshi DO Gastroenterology Manchester Yes
Jayaram Radhakrishnan MD Cardiology Manchester
Sarah A. Rajchel MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Amy D. Rapaport MD Pediatrics Vernon
R. Winfield Raynor MD General Surgery Manchester Yes
Michael A. Reale MD, PhD Oncology, Hematology Manchester
Joel J. Reich MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Roula G. Rizk MD Internal Medicine South Windsor
Kurt W. Rode DPM Podiatric Surgery Manchester
Elvis R. Rodriguez MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Pedro A. Romero MD Orthopaedic Surgery Manchester
David J. Rosenberg MD Urology Manchester
Edward M. Rosenblatt MD Diagnostic Radiology Manchester
Joel L. Rosenlicht DMD Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Manchester Yes
Victor Rossi MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Laureen F. Rubino MD General Surgery Manchester Yes
Richard T. Ruffin MD Hospital Medicine Manchester
Gary E. Russolillo MD Plastic Surgery West Hartford
Chandra K. Sacheti MD Cardiology Vernon
Anupma Saini MD Internal Medicine South Windsor
Daniel R. Saunders DMD Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Manchester
Jeffrey A. Sawyer MD Otolaryngology Glastonbury Yes
Huma H. Sayed MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Ira P. Schecker MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
John Schifferdecker MD Family Medicine Vernon
Robert A. Schwartz MD Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Manchester
Robert G. Schwartz MD Gastroenterology Manchester
Beth A. Schweitzer MD Family Medicine Tolland Yes
Ritu Sehgal MD Psychiatry Manchester
Patrick B. Senatus MD, PhD Neurosurgery, Spine Surgery South Windsor
John H. Senechal MD Pediatrics Tolland
Kaveh Shahmohammadi MD Vascular Surgery Manchester
Ali Shakibai MD Internal Medicine Manchester
Harold O. Shapiro MD Pediatrics Vernon Yes
Girish Sharma MD Cardiology, Internal Medicine Vernon
Theodore P. Sherry MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Richard M. Shoup MD Sleep Medicine Manchester
Michael A. Shternfeld MD Otolaryngology South Windsor Yes
Ilona Slusker Shternfeld MD Ophthalmology, Pediatric Ophthalmology South Windsor Yes
Frederick J. Shuler MD Diagnostic Radiology Manchester
Sita Singhal DO Hospital Medicine Manchester
Joseph G. Sinning MD Medical Oncology, Hematology Hartford
Matthew H. Smith MD Diagnostic Radiology Manchester
Kenneth N. Spiegelman MD Pediatrics Manchester
Melvin I. Spielberg MD Internal Medicine East Windsor
Monica Srodon MD Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Manchester
Carol A. Stabile MD Ophthalmology Manchester
Peter D. Staiger MD Ophthalmology Vernon
Thomas E. Staley MD Urology Manchester
Marion J. Stoj MD Ophthalmology Manchester
M. Maher Suede MD General Surgery Manchester Yes
Kavetha Sundaramoorthy MD Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychiatry Manchester
Hemantha Sunkara MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Lisa R. Talati DO Family Medicine Vernon
Sreedhar Tallapureddy MD Obstetrics/Gynecology South Windsor
Daniel R. Tardif MD Internal Medicine Manchester
Christopher A. Taubes MD Diagnostic Radiology Manchester
Eric M. Thompson DPM Podiatric Surgery Vernon
Katherine E. Tracy MD Occupational Medicine South Windsor
Tai T. Tran DO Emergency Medicine Manchester
Jennifer M. Trzaski MD Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Hartford
Steve H. Tu DO Ophthalmology Manchester
Benedict C. Valentine DPM Podiatric Surgery Marlborough
Demetres G. Velendzas MD Emergency Medicine Manchester
Daniel M. Veltri MD Orthopaedic Surgery Manchester Yes
Rajeev Verma MD Anesthesiology Manchester
Ivelisse A. Viruet MD Internal Medicine Manchester
Michael D. Waddington DO Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine South Windsor Yes
Erica L. Waddington DO Family Medicine Manchester Yes
Diana Wagner MD Endocrinology Vernon
David L. Walters MD Colon & Rectal Surgery West Hartford Yes
Sun King Wan MD Cardiology Manchester
David A. Wasserstein MD Pulmonary Disease Vernon Yes
Daniel S. Welling MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Manchester
Lenora B. Williams MD Obstetrics/Gynecology Ellington Yes
Thomas Wohl MD Ophthalmology Manchester
Janet J. Wong MD Dermatology Vernon
Mahmoodul Hasan Yekta MD Pulmonary Disease East Hartford
Michael E. Yencho MD Pediatrics Tolland
Charlecinth Yennie MD Family Medicine Ellington Yes
Matthew J. Zadrowski MD General Surgery Manchester
Michael L. Zahaczewsky MD Diagnostic Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology Manchester
Constantine Zariphes MD Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Manchester
Robert G. Zborowski DDS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Vernon
Ira D. Zubkoff MD Anesthesiology Manchester