Birthday Party Fundraiser

Birthday Party Benefits Cancer Center

After Jason Stephens held his Coconut Relay fundraiser for the John A. DeQuattro Cancer Center, his nephew Jeffrey Minicucci was inspired to follow in his footsteps and help the Center as well.
Jeffrey’s family was planning his very first birthday party, with invitations going out to 20 plus classmates from his middle school. Jeffrey wanted to include the following request in the invitation: I am very blessed and in lieu of birthday gifts I would like to collect donations for the DeQuattro Cancer Center. My grandfather Dr. Ron Stephens’ life was cut short when he died after an 18-month battle with pancreatic cancer. “Grampa” was treated at the DeQuattro Center and lived well past his 3-6 month life expectancy. The DeQuattro Center has special meaning since my “Grampa” and Jack DeQuattro were best buddies, and they both tragically died of the same dreaded cancer. 
Jeffrey turned 13 on May 17 but wanted to wait for warmer weather for his party, so it was scheduled for June 4. The family cleaned out their barn and hired a DJ. Games were planned, including a hula-hoop game, which was a big hit, and “Pin the Tail on Jeffrey”! Skateboards, mini cars, unicycles, scooters and bikes were available for the partiers to use. At one point there were 15 kids on the playscape with Jeffrey's younger sister in the mix too. Dancing began when it became too dark to continue the outdoor activities. Photos of Dr. Ron Stephens and Jeffrey were placed around the barn and a basket was available to receive donations. 
Jeffrey’s friends generously contributed $440, which he brought to ECHN, accompanied by his mom. His parents are very proud of him for sacrificing party gifts and choosing to ask his friends to support the Cancer Center.
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