Corporate Partners

Corporate philanthropy is an integral component of the delivery of quality health care services in our community.
Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN) relies on community support from individuals as well as support from corporations and local businesses. Your company's support for ECHN sends a strong message to your consumers, employees, and stakeholders that your company cares about the health of family and friends in our community. Companies, both big and small, know that quality health care close to home is a good investment. They also know that ECHN delivers the best health care east of the river. The generous financial support of the business community enables the Business Alliance for Community Health (BACH), an ECHN Community Health Care Foundation membership program, to promote positive health-related education for our businesses and our community.
Through BACH membership, ECHN is able to fund critical local health initiatives, and BACH members benefit from employee education on health, safety, and wellness issues presented by ECHN staff. Membership in BACH also provides a forum for companies to work with other local businesses for united action when common health, wellness, or safety needs are identified. Meetings with hospital administration offer BACH members a unique opportunity to connect through shared thoughts and to receive information on community health issues.
For more information, you may view the Business Alliance for Community Health brochure and registration form. To join our efforts or to learn more about the Business Alliance for Community Health, please contact Stan Kontogiannis, Sr. Development Officer, at 860.647.4754 or

Other ways to give

Corporate Annual Giving: Companies can make unrestricted contributions annually which allow us to purchase state-of-the-art medical equipment, renovate patient care areas, and expand programs and services beyond the provisions of our annual budget.

Grants: Companies may provide grant support toward one or more of our community-based education or health care service programs. Program support offers companies a means to align their core values and business objectives with an important health care initiative.
Cause-Related Marketing (CRM): Cause-related marketing is a sales tool with many benefits. Financial increases are seen in cause-related marketing efforts for both the company and ECHN. In addition, important visibility is obtained for ECHN's advocacy efforts. These joint fundraising initiatives promote your company's product or service and generate goodwill among both consumers and employees.
Employee Giving: A strong employee-based philanthropy program has proven to have significant impact on employee morale, retention and recruitment efforts. Engaging your employee base in a joint effort to improve the health of the community while raising funds for ECHN produces results. There are a variety of ways to build a program for your employees with ECHN. Group activities, events, volunteer opportunities and fundraisers all can be customized to your business size and demographics. Through payroll deduction, employees may choose their own continued level of giving with their donation going directly to ECHN.

Event Sponsorship

A powerful marketing opportunity to connect your brand with community health.
Eastern Connecticut Health Network extends its deepest gratitude for your partnership and generosity.
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