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Q: If I need a blood test, an X-ray, physical therapy, or other similar services, can I use ECHN?
A: In most cases, patients can choose where they'd like to go for these types of services. Your doctor may make a recommendation, or you can ask your doctor about using ECHN. It's always a good idea to check with the facility to make sure your insurance is accepted there. ECHN facilities

Q: How do I send a compliment, suggestion, or complaint about ECHN's services?
A: ECHN offers Patient Representatives, who are always willing to listen to comments from the community. You may reach them via email at info@echn.org or via U.S. mail to: ECHN Patient Representative, 71 Haynes Street, Manchester, CT 06040. If you would like to speak with our patient representatives on the phone, you may reach the representative at Manchester Hospital by calling 860.647.6886, or the representative at Rockville Hospital by calling 860.872.5205.

Q: My doctor isn't on the ECHN Medical staff. If I ever need hospital care, can I be admitted to Manchester Memorial Hospital or Rockville General Hospital?
A: If you want to be treated by your doctor, only a doctor on a hospital's medical staff may admit patients to that hospital. However, if wish to have care close to home, one of our hospitalists will take over your care during your stay should you be admitted through another point of entry, i.e. the Emergency Department. Of course, if you are seeking emergency care, you can receive treatment at our Emergency Departments even if your doctor is not on staff.

Q: Where can I find information about community education programs sponsored by ECHN?
A: We offer a variety of community education programs.


Q: What if I need help paying my bill, or if I have questions about my bill?
A: Learn how ECHN can help you with your bill. ECHN offers patient financial counselors who are happy to assist you with payment schedules, insurance claims, and any other financial issue(s). Call 860.533.6565, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. You also may send an email to patient_accounts@echn.org. Please note: An email is not a secure way to send personal financial or health-related information.


Q: How can I get a copy of my medical records?
A: Please note: If you need medical records from a specific doctor, you will need to contact that doctor's office directly.

Medical records for services provided at our hospital facilities can be provided at the written request of patients or their authorized legal representative, such as a Power of Attorney (POA) or helathcare representative. A valid ID is required. Authorized legal representatives must provide appropriate documentation for verification.

Please complete a Release of Information form and submit it to ECHN's Health Information Management/Medical Records Department, either in person or via mail.

Copies of medical records can be sent directly to providers or healthcare facilities free of charge. For all other requests, there is a 65 cent per page charge.

Please call 860.533.2930, Ext. 6433 with any questions or if you require additional assistance.

Q: How can I get a copy of a birth certificate?
A: Although hospitals distribute the paperwork for birth certificates, birth certificates are actually town records and are available through the Town Clerk's office at the town in which the baby was born. The towns on this list can produce a birth certificate for ANY birth in Connecticut from March 2001 on.

For births at Manchester Memorial Hospital, the Town Clerk's office may be reached at 860.647.3037
, and the Town Hall is located at 41 Center Street.

Q: How do I prepare my living will and other advance directives?
A: Advance directives need to be writing. This document contains all of the advanced directives -- appointment of health care representative, living will, appointment of conservator and organ donation in one form for the state of Connecticut. You do not have to create all of the directives at once. You do need to have the form signed by witnesses and a notary public.


Q: If I have a question about a job or my application, who can I ask?
A: You may contact "HR Connection," a service of the ECHN Human Resources Department, via email, HRConnection@echn.org, or via telephone at 860.872.5180.

Q: Who can I contact for information about volunteering at one of ECHN's hospitals or other facilities?
A: At ECHN, we warmly welcome and highly value our volunteers. Training is provided for all volunteer positions. Interested in volunteering at ECHN? You may also email Diane Morey at dmorey@echn.org with questions or for more information.

Q: Do your hospitals have Auxiliaries?
A: Both Manchester Memorial Hospital and Rockville General Hospital are fortunate to be supported by invaluable and dedicated Auxiliaries.

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