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Life is full of health questions.
Where to find the best care shouldn’t be one of them. At Eastern Connecticut Health Network it’s easy to get whatever care you need, whenever you need it, right where you live. That’s because ECHN is a nationally recognized network of hospitals, outpatient service centers, and hundreds of physicians, specialists and other providers serving more than 25 communities throughout eastern Connecticut. So, stay connected to your health by staying connected to Connecticut’s most comprehensive health network.


MyECHN Mobile App!

And now with the MyECHN mobile App. There's a whole new way to manage your healthcare. Find a physician, locate an office, get directions, keep track of important health information, and more.
MyECHN mobile puts access to the entire Eastern Connecticut Health Network, right at your fingertips.


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Connect with a physician that's right for you. Stay Connected to the full range of health care services available through ECHN. Learn more about all of the ECHN health resources and facilities available near you.

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