Clinical Day School

The Clinical Day School at Manchester Memorial Hospital is accredited by the Connecticut Department of Education as a private special-education school. We offer an alternative school experience for students who need a highly structured, therapeutic environment in order to do well academically.
The mission of the Clinical Day School is to help students acquire the academic, social, emotional and behavioral skills necessary to successfully return to their local public schools.

Attending the Clinical Day School

The school serves adolescents in grades 6 through 12 who have serious behavioral/emotional needs and/or learning disabilities. Students who attend the school have been referred by their public school and have exhausted other less restrictive options in their local communities.
Students from a variety of towns attend the Clinical Day School,which operates from 8:15 am to 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Transportation is provided by the student’s school district.

About the Program

  • The program at the Clinical Day School adheres to the state requirement of a minimum of 900 hours of academic school work and a minimum of 183 school days each year.
  • Program staff includes a school administrator, special education teachers (including art and music teachers), teacher assistants, a school nurse, school social workers, an occupational therapist, a consulting neuropsychologist and a psychiatrist.
  • Our staff works as an integrated team, providing each student with individualized services that support successful learning.
  • The program operates six classrooms, with a special education teacher and teacher assistant assigned to each classroom.
  • The curriculum design is similar to what the students would receive in their local public schools.
  • Instruction is provide through small groups or individual lessons.
  • Each student has an individualized education program (IEP) with specific goals and objectives that is carefully followed by each teacher.
  • A variety of alternative teaching strategies and behavior management strategies are employed in the classrooms to help students experience success.
  • Our staff works closely with the public school when a student is being considered for transition to a less restrictive setting.
  • A summer school program is available.
For more information on Clinical Day School Services, please call our main line at 860.647.6827 or the Behavioral Health Referral Line at 860.647.6800.